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Queen Elizabeth Signs The Free Scholarship She Promised Africans In The Past UN Summit

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, yesterday approved the British Embassy Scholarship for Africans, knowing the fact that there are many determined and talented, low-income students in Africans who only require financial resources and access to information to better their educational future. For some years now, the British Embassy, UK seeks to identify academically qualified and highly motivated, low-income students in Africa to join the Education in Uk.

The British Embassy is encouraging young leaders to apply for the 2018 UK Embassy Scholarship, which opened from October 3 to November 10, 2017.

A statement issued by the Public Affairs Unit of the U.K Embassy on Thursday, said the application for the Scholarship would close at exactly on Friday, November 10, 2017.

The mission is to assist talented and determined, low-income students who are good candidates for financial assistance from U.K. colleges and universities but lack the financial resources to cover the up-front cost of obtaining admission.

The UK Embassy will work closely through their representatives with students regularly scheduled meetings and seminars to assist them throughout the application process to secure admission and scholarships to attend colleges and universities in the United Kingdom.  The cost for application process is sponsored, including registration fees for required standardized examinations and provides free membership to the U.K. Education.


  • The University Composition Fee at the appropriate rate*
  • A maintenance allowance for a single student
  • One economy single airfare at both the beginning and end of the course
  • Inbound visa costs & the cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge

About the scholarship

  • Academic development funding – from $500 to $2,000, dependent on the length of your course, to attend conferences and courses.
  • Family allowance – up to $10,120 for a first child and up to $4,320 for a second child (2016-17 rate). No funding is provided for a partner.
  • Fieldwork – you may apply to keep up to your normal maintenance allowance while on fieldwork as part of your Ph.D. (the Trust does not fund other field work costs as these should be funded by the University Composition Fee).
  • Hardship funding – for unforeseen difficulties
  • Maternity/Paternity funding – should you require it, you may apply to intermit your studies for up to 6 months and continue to receive your maintenance allowance during this time
  • Some fourth year funding for Ph.D. Scholars may be provided


  • A citizen of any country outside the United Kingdom
  • Applying to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study:
  • Ph.D. (three-year research-only degree)
  • MSc or MLitt (two-year research-only degree)
  • One year postgraduate course (e.g. MPhil, LLM, MASt, Diploma, MBA etc.)

Eligible Regions: Open for all (except citizens of United Kingdom)

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  1. abdirahman ahmed ali

    thanks so mutch queen Eilzabeth

  2. Hello….I need the UK scholarship…. How do I apply….assist me the link

  3. i would be interested to enable lift my community from poverty and raise young girls who can also run with such vision even though beriddled with poverty, i only have some o-level but have this dream

  4. Victor NGACHA Kamau

    My name is victor NGACHA Kamau a Kenyan student Persuing diploma in mechanical engineering. I would like to have the free scholarship as I work in the uk

  5. Iam Kadiatu S Kamara from Liberia.
    iam looking for full scholarship program and I learned that this is full scholarship program

  6. Alphaousmane diallo

    Im doing m’y l2 at université
    i would like to keep going m’y study there

  7. I would love to be a part of this programme how can I apply?

  8. Thank you so much Queen Elizabeth and all involved

  9. Hello sir/madam,

    Am so grateful to the current information, it has always been my desire to accomplish my studies from the best university in UK,

    I take this opportunity to thank you for all the services you render world wide, and to the entire students community,

    am currently holding a diploma in business studies/clearing and forwarding, and would like to further my studies through a scholarship,

    kindly I request to explain to me the major criteria through which I can be in position to apply for the free scholarship,

    thanks, I hope to hear back from you,

    kind regards
    Kaweesi Richard

  10. Dear/madam

    I which to apply for your scholarship. I am a high school graduate age 28 live in Liberia.

    At your convenience time I be waiting for respond. Email: nickkargou@gmail.com Number +2310886802313

  11. Dear Sir/madam

    I wish to apply for your scholarship that was published on the internet.

    My name is Marcus j.Dolo, a Liberian citizen that live in the people republic of China, I am 27 years of age, and a high school graduate.
    I am a business student from the cups vocational school of Liberia.

    I will be very grateful if I was to be selected as one of your successful students applicant to sit for an interview.
    Best regards!
    Marcus j.Dolo

    Here are my contact email

  12. Very good thing…..

  13. I will like to appreciate the entire staff of this committee
    Of this good opportunity scholarship. And also a blessing to Queen Elizabeth for this useful information.
    God bless you all!

  14. hello i’m habtamu from ethiopia i need scolarship by britain

  15. How can i apply??

  16. Am intreseted in working so give me a chance.

  17. Am Nalule Moureen iam requesting you to help me so that I can achieve my dreams through supporting my education so that I can develop my poor village and family

    • Am Nalule Moureen iam requesting you to help me so that I can achieve my dreams through supporting my education so that I can develop my poor village and family. We are really in a devastating state

  18. Wow we thankful to the UK government and the total family for thre beautiful opportunities.
    Im in my final year of a bachelor’s in dentistry and I really hope to continue further for masters in the uk.

  19. am interested in the scholarship. I have a degree in early childhood education n diploma in Early childhood education



  21. That’s a wonderful gesture by the British government to provide scholarship to African student. This will strengthen relationships between Africa and great Britain and bring about economic development. I would like to know the required qualification inorder to be elegible for the scholarship.Lastly, I would like to thank the British government for openning it’s doors to African students continue with their education and bring about economic development in their respective countries.
    Long live the Queen, long live great Britain.
    Thank you
    Michael Pacoto.

  22. Clemente Daniel Machava

    I am mozambican, studying Human’s Ressouces(High School), my be i can have a chance to get a job. Thanks

  23. Martinho Correia Mussamba

    Hi! I’m Martinho from Luanda, Angola. I study computer engineering, and Iam 2nd year.
    Since my childhood I have always wanted to study in the UK.
    And I would like to take this opportunity to study Computer Engineering , I love Programm, Web Development, networks.

    In all the time of my life I wish to get a scholarship to UK.

  24. thanks for the good work you are doing for Africa. I hope I also get a chance of studying in UK one day. God bless you.

  25. Please assist as because we are suffering.
    Am very great full about this duty.

  26. H. Edward Russell, Jr.

    How can one apply for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship or How can one get the from to apply?

  27. Hello how do i apply for queen elizabeth’s scholarships?

  28. Thierno mamadou djoulde diallo

    Je suis intéressé j’imerai continuer mes études chez vous

  29. I am soe win naing.I live in Myanmar.

  30. Hello…i’ll like to sign up to receive one of the scholarship issued by queen Elizabeth but i don’t know how to proceed! Help me out please!!!

  31. Peter Kiir Akot Koldau

    I am from South Sudan . I am interested to apply if I got such an opportunity.

  32. Well done.
    I was able to see the scholarship I was searching

  33. Hello. I have B.A (Hons) in Public Relations and Advertising with experience in Communications and Marketing. Served for the Guardian as Special Correspondent (2009-2010), TSN Newspapers, Business and Economics reporter (2010-2011). Attended Certificate in Macroeconomics at ITC-ILO, Turin; Italy. I am interested to pursue Master in UK or any other reputable Universities if I get fully funded scholarship. Kindly assist me with relevant information on how to achieve this objective.

  34. Hello
    How can I please I apply

  35. It is good, Will it cover all costs including accommodation

  36. How do I apply for the Queen Elizabeth scholarship.

  37. Greetings!
    To who it may concern,
    I am interested at the offer of scholarship by Queen Elizabeth. Please, kindly forward to me more information and how to apply.

  38. Hi iam come from South Sudan,and I’m here by apply to this opportunity university ,so from there l have full interest to go to study through this scholarship if you grants me.

  39. I am an african student. I want to continue my study on phd after my master II on ingeniering of development at madagascar. I wish to continue my study abroad . Plesae, help me and contact me on Fyjulienna@gmail.com

  40. عالیست تشکر از شما

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